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Departmental Activities


Manus 2k17 was conducted on feb 9th & 10th by the dept of BBA. It was a National level management & cultural fest where students from all over south india came and participated. About 450+ students from more than 40 colleges came for the meet. Chief Guest & Guest of Honour for the Inaugural session were P.V.Seshaiah & Rajesh Myneni respectively. Chief Guest & Guest of Honour for the valedictory session were C.M.Builders Trio & Indra Reddy respectively. The overall championship was backed by Sri Gayathri Vidya Parishad, Vishakapatnam.

Management Events:
Young Manager
Devil Follows
Event Management

Cultural Events:
Group Dance
Treasure Hunt
Best out of waste
Mr and Ms.Manus

Spot Events:
Mock Mat
Mannequin Challenge


The Department of BBA has conducted their Annual Management Meet, “MANUS-2k16” powered by Maxivision and Santhosh Honda. Over 750 students from around 50 colleges stepped out of their classrooms on 8th and 9th of February 2016 to take part in the groundbreaking event. The Chief Guest for the inauguration was Sri. M. Murali Krishna, COO of Maxivision and Guest of Honour Rev. Jai Pal, a Motivational speaker.
 There were all together 14 events consisting of 8 Management events like Business quiz, Ad-making, Product launch, B.Plan, Women Entrepreneur. 4 Cultural events like Treasure hunt, Group dance, Best out of waste and Mr. & Ms. MANUS. And participants even showed great interest in spot events namely Mock MAT and Photography. The overall trophy was won by PB.Siddhartha College of  Arts & Science, Vijayawada.
The title sponsor has been shared by Maxivision and Honda.
The Chief Guest for inauguration session was Sri.M.Murali Krishna, CEO and COO of Maxivision and Mr.Jai Pal (Guest of Honour).  
The Chief Guest for the valedictory session was Mr. Koganti Satyam, an Industrialist.

 MANUS  2K15

Date    : 29 & 30 Jan , 2015.
Venue : Fr.Deviah Auditorium.

      The Department of BBA organised a two day Nation Level Management Meet- MANUS 2K15           Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship.
      There was a particpation of around 200 Students from different Colleges. We organised 15 events       in total from the aspect of both managementand cultural arena as:  

       Management Events                                         

  • AD Making                                                 
  • Paper Presentation
  • Poster Presentation
  • Market Makers
  • Young Manager 
  • Business Quiz    
     Cultural Events 
  • Western Solo 
  • Fashion Show
  • Mr & Ms MANUS
  • Group / Solo dance
  • Treasure Hunt
   The Overall Championship Was bagged by P.B.Siddartha College Of Arts & Science , Vijayawada.
   The title sponsor of the event was IOC . The Chief guest for the inaguration Session was Pamashri      Turlapaty Srinivas garu , where as  Mr. Appaji Reddam Chief of Bureau , The Hindu .
   Ms.Uma Kumari , H.O.D, BBA dept was the convenor of the event.

              MANUS 2K-14


    7th February 2014 :

                The Department of BBA organised " MANUS 2K 14 : Language of Talents " a State level Management Fest on 7th February 2014. About 200 Students from different colleges across the state participated in various events  viz Business Quiz , Young Manager , Product Launch , Role Play , Paper Presentation , Treasure Hunt and Dance , conducted as part of the Fest. The overall championship was bagged by Maris Stella College , Vijayawada.  Mr. A. Sai Kamal , M.D. Mexican Fried Chicken , was the chief guest for the valedicory session of the Fest. Mrs. D.Uma Kumari , H.O.D. of BBA was the Chief Coordinator of the Fest , while Mr.Mahesh , V.Patil was the Student Coordinator . 


Date: 26 July 2016.
Venue: Old seminar Hall

         " NAVAPRAVARTHAKA 2K16 " was conducted for students of Andhra Loyola College. The event was held in 2 rounds.

1.Prelims     - written
2.Final Round - Oral

In Final round the selected team members were asked to present a ppt on any product of their choice. 7 teams were selected .
Mrs.G.Anitha , Asst.Manager-HR-e-Zone securities Pvt.Ltd 

Seminar on Career guidance:

Date: 2nd December,2016.
Time: 1:15 PM TO 3:15 PM
Venue: Seminar Hall 

                         A seminar for students was conducted on 2nd December,2016 in order to guide them towards a bright future.
                          The seminar was presented by M.R.K.Murthy garu CEO of Career Campus.The seminar involved motivation and inspiration. MRK Murthy garu stressed over attitude, knowledge and communication skills and also stated that those are very important for the students to get placements. A wider explanation of CAT and MAT was also given whick would help te BBA students in getting good jobs. 

 Industrial visit

On 9th September 2016 all the students of 1st year were taken for a Industrial trip to Coca-Cola factory,Atmakuru. Mr.Shravan kumar and Ms.Anthima were along with the students during the trip. The students were taken inside the industry and were explained clearly about the machinery and working of staff. All the students were offered free drinks from their brand. 

Industrial visit

On 3rd September 2016 all the students of 2nd year were taken for a Industrial trip to Coca-Cola factory,Atmakuru. Mrs.Uma kumari and Ms.Theresa, Ms.Shabana were along with the students during the trip. The students were taken inside the industry and were explained clearly about the machinery and working of staff. All the students were offered free drinks from their brand. 

Industrial tour:

On 27th & 29th December 2016.The students of final year, BBA were taken for an industrial tour to Bangalore.The students were taken inside the factory and explained about process, policies, finance, HR, marketing, recruitment and so on... very clearly. The students posed questions and the HR person answered clearly. Mr.G.Shravan kumar, Ms.E.Theresa Rani and Mrs.D.Uma kumari were accompanied and they were along with the students during the tour.


Hindusthan Machine Tools (HMT)



       The department conducted a guest lecture on 22nd August 2015 by Dr.M.C.Das , management consultant and HRD trainer in MCD associates gave the lecture about "Dynamics of achievement " and discussed about the concerned topics like Role of a student , achievement of goals , and tools of achievement.

Extension Activity:

ABBA students went to " Nirmal Hrudhay Bhavan" , Bandar road  on 10th, December 2015 & donated some of the necessary provisions for them.

                 On 4th August 2014 a seminar was conducted for the students of  BBA on the topic  Changing Business Models &  Sri. Rajesh Jampala ( Hod P.B .Siddhartha ) attended for that seminar as a guest.

 On 28th July 2014 Department of BBA conducted Mock Parliment for the students on the topic State Bifurcation .

On 9th September 2014 a seminar was conducted for the students of BBA on the topic Capital Market Awareness & Mr.Summet Nayak (Vice - President , Lotus Knowledge wealth ,Mumbai )attended for that seminar as a guest.

On 18th September 2014 a seminar was conducted for the students of BBA on the topic Importance Of Entrepreneurship & Mr .M.Sai Chaitanya (Team Leader , Exchange Dept.AIESEC ) attended for that seminar as guest .

Industrial Tour : 

                 On 24th February 2014 the 3rd and 2nd year Students                 of BBA have gone to Industrial Tour to Chennai                           accompained by Faculty members of department of                     BBA.

Industrial Visit :

             On 27th November 2014 the 1st and 2nd year                                 Students visited Coca - Cola Beverages Pvt.Ltd, at                      Athmakur. About 70 Students were accompained by the              Faculty members of department of BBA.


Students of I BBA (35) and II BBA (28) went on a Field Visit to Coco Cola company, Atmakur, on 3rd and 4th September 2012 respectively.

60 students of BBA along with 3 faculty members went on a Field Visit to KCP Sugar and Industrial Corporation, Vuyyuru, on 1st December 2012.
Visit to Nirmal Hruday Bhavan (Home for dying destitute): 10 students of I BBA and 10 students of II BBA along with faculty members visited Nirmal Hruday Bhavan (Home for dying destitute) on 15th August 2012 and donated provisions to the inmates.

The Department of Business Administration conducted an inter-departmental Quiz Competition on 22nd September 2012.  Dr.N.A.Francis Xavier, Dean of Student Activities, was the Quiz Master.  Six of the ten teams from various Departments that took part in the Quiz qualified for the finals.  The team of the Department of Life Sciences were the winners, while the team of Department of Commerce were runners-up and of the English Department stood third.  Ms.Madhavi, H.O.D. Busi. Admn. distributed the prizes to the winners.

The Department of B.B.A. conducted a Workshop on “Developing a Winning Personality with Soft Skills” on 15th December 2012. Dr.Ramanujam Parthasarathy, Director of ELT, Andhra LoyolaCollege, Vijawada  and S.Koteswara Rao, Senior Finance Officer, ITC, were the resource persons.

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